The richest heirs of Russia

Forbes presented the rating of the heirs of the richest businessmen of Russia for the third time. The first place was taken by Yusuf Alekperov, the second place was occupied by the children of Leonid Mikhelson, "bronze" - in the son and daughter of Andrei Melnichenko.
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We have chosen 20 families, in which the heirs have the largest fortunes - 46 children will inherit in the amount of $ 211 billion. Who will get the most?

According to Forbes estimates, as of April 20, 2018, there were 102 billionaires in Russia, and their combined fortunes amounted to $ 403 billion. If this amount is divided equally into the total number of their children - 289, then all these children will also be billionaires with an average result of $ 1.4 billion Which of the heirs was the most fortunate?

The list includes 20 families, where each child accounts for at least $ 2.3 billion, in these families in the amount of 46 children. The composition of the rating participants has changed slightly compared to last year. It has two new members - the son of the founder of IPG Photonics Valentina Gapontseva Denis and the son of co-owner Evraz Alexander Frolov Alexander. They were replaced by children of the main shareholder of Safmar group Mikhail Gutseriev and co-owner of UC Rusal Oleg Deripaska. The method of rating is simple: we take the state of a billionaire and divide it into all recognized children. We do not take into account the marital share in the calculations. We also do not take into account the statements of the list participants, in particular Mikhail Fridman and Vladimir Potanin, that they are not going to leave big money for their children and will give all their billions for charity.

The richest heir ($ 17 billion) was again Yusuf Alekperov, the only son of the president of Lukoil, Vagit Alekperov. The last, the 20th place - the four children of the co-owner of Alfa Group and LetterOne Herman Khan, each account for $ 2.3 billion.

One of the participants, the owner of EuroChem companies and SUEK Andrei Melnichenko, in 2017, was born the second child - the son of Adrian, and he moved from the second to the third place, letting forward Leonid Mikhelson, the largest shareholder of Novatek and Sibur, with his two children.

In early 2018, Anton Fedun, the son of the co-owner of Lukoil, Leonid Arnoldovich Fedun, was born son Arnold. Grandfather soon will be Herman Khan - his eldest daughter Eva van der Zwan is waiting for the first-born.

Yusuf Alekperov

$ 17 billion

The only son of the president of Lukoil will receive a shareholding owned by the father by the will, but will not manage it. In the autumn of 2017, in an interview with Bloomberg, Vagit Alekperov admitted that he was looking for a receiver and that his son was not suitable for this role - his work was too difficult for him. At the same time, Yusuf, from a young age, was preparing to continue his father's business - after graduating from the Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Gubkin with a red diploma, he worked for more than two years at the fields of Lukoil in Western Siberia.

Victoria Mikhelson and her brother (born in 2015)

Each child's share is $ 8.9 billion

Victoria Mikhelson, daughter of the main owner of Novatek and Sibur, studied art history at New York University. Her father in 2009 created a fund for supporting young Russian artists "Victoria - The Art of Being Modern" (V-A-C Foundation). V-A-C is engaged in the arrangement of art space in the building of HPP-2 at Bolotnaya Embankment in Moscow. In 2020, the Museum of Contemporary Art (38,800 sq. M) will open there. The cost of reconstruction is estimated at € 150 million.

Tara and Adrian Melnichenko

Each child's share is $ 7.3 billion

The wife of the owner of EuroChem companies and SUEK, the former soloist of the Belgrade group Models Alexandra Melnichenko (in the nee Sandra Nikolic) gave birth in 2017 to the second child - the boy Adrian. Daughters Melnichenko Tare six years. Children travel with their parents around the world - Melnichenko has homes in Monaco, France, the United States, Britain, Switzerland and Russia and two mega-yachts - the world's largest sailing yacht "A" and motor yacht "A".

Alexis Kuzmichev

7.1 billion dollars

The son of Alexei Kuzmichov, a partner of Mikhail Fridman for Alfa Group and LetterOne, lives in Paris with his mother Svetlana Kuzmicheva-Uspensky, a former employee of the American PR agency Hill & Knowlton. Svetlana is fond of contemporary art, along with her husband is on the board of trustees of the Metropolitan Museum and works on the board of directors of MoMA PS1. She is friends with Daria Zhukova. Until recently, the Kuzmichevs celebrated the New Year with her and Roman Abramovich on the island of St. Barth.

Jahangir Mahmudov

$ 6.9 billion

The son of the main shareholder of UMMC, after graduating from the London School of Economics and Hult Business School, works for his father, he is deputy general director of the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant. Together with Kenes Rakishev he is a partner of the Israeli venture fund Singulariteam. In 2018, he became the owner of 25% of the company Inframain, which develops digital solutions and innovative materials for the metallurgical, coal and chemical industries. Among the clients are Kazzinc, Glencore and UMMC.

Irina and Alexander Vekselberg

The share of each heir is 6.8 billion dollars

The children of the owner of Renova Group, which appeared on the US sanctions list, are closely connected with America. Both graduated from Yale University. Alexander is a US citizen by birth, he works in New York at Renova Venture Fund Columbus Nova Technology Partners, owns Ferrari car dealerships in Denver and Philadelphia. Irina lives in Moscow, but previously worked in New York as a financial analyst at Citigroup. Her husband Salavat Rezbaev, founder of Trilogy Capital Group, also studied and worked in the States.

Dmitry, Yuri and Anastasia Lisiny

The share of each heir is 6.5 billion dollars

In the mid-1990s, the owner of the NLMK burned down the dacha, and he sent his sons abroad. Now both his sons are involved in business. Dmitry has been working in his father's companies since the mid-2000s, he is engaged in the strategy of NLMK, he is on the boards of many companies, he heads Rumedia. Yuri owns a 4% stake in the offshore Fletcher, which owns NLMK and the holding company UCL. "I think he [the father] will gladly put everything on us as soon as we feel ready," Dmitry Forbes told. Anastasia studies at Moscow State University.

Natalia, Ksenia (Frank) and Ivan Timchenko

The share of each heir is 5.2 billion dollars

The eldest, Natalia, studied literature in Oxford. Returning to Russia, according to Forbes sources, she began to work on film. Xenia graduated from Edinburgh University, she studied philosophy and French. Her husband Gleb Frank is the son of the general director of Sovcomflot Sergey Frank. In 2017, Xenia for the first time entered the rating of "50 richest women in Russia" (No14) with a fortune of $ 200 million. The main value is 12.5% ​​of shares of Sogaz received from her father. Ivan is studying international relations at the University of Geneva.

Tatyana (Rakhno) and Olga Rashnikov

The share of each heir is $ 4.7 billion

The eldest daughter of the owner of "Magnitogorsk" Tatyana in the middle of the 2000s was engaged in deliveries of MMK abroad. Later she started her own business: she had a stake in the construction center "Story Dvor", now she has a construction company "Reconstruction". Olga works at the father's factory for 13 years, recently - the director of finance of the Moscow office. She owns two villas (Villa les Figuiers and Villa Nellcote) in France, which previously belonged to her father. In 2013 she starred in Bekmambetov's movie "Fir-3".

Maria Kozitsyna

4.5 billion dollars

In the summer of 2015, the only daughter of the general director of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) graduated from the Lomonosov Intec School in the Istra district of the Moscow region with the gold medal For Special Achievements in Education and entered the Economics Department of the Higher School of Economics. At the end of the second year of undergraduate studies in 2017, Maria Andreevna Kozitsyna ranked 135th in the overall rating of 266 students of her course with an average score of 6.75 out of 10 possible.

Polina Galitskaya

$ 3.9 billion

The daughter of the founder of the network "Magnit" graduated from the Krasnodar gymnasium No54 and the Kuban State University under the "economy" program. At the senior years of the university Polina began to participate in the life of her father's company: she attended important meetings, communicated with all the heads of the divisions, went into details of the management. In 2015, she married Artem Lukomets, head of the Krasnodar VNII Oilseeds Administration, but the marriage lasted a little more than a year.

Anton and Ekaterina Feduny

The share of each heir is $ 3.6 billion

The son of the co-owner of Lukoil was graduated from the University of Surrey and the business school of Regents. Anton runs his own hotel The Ampersand Hotel in Kensington. In 2018, in London, his new luxury hotel Vintry & Mercer will open. He is married to Alina Uspenskaya, "Miss Russian Radio Cherepovets 2007". The couple lives in London, in early 2018 she had a son Arnold (named after his great-grandfather). Ekaterina graduated from MGIMO and the Regents. In 2014, Mr .. married Juhan Geraskin, technical director of FC "Spartak".

Laura and Katya Fridman, Alexander and Nick Ozhelsky

The share of each heir is $ 3.6 billion

The eldest daughter of the founder of Alfa Group, Laura, while studying at Yale, danced with the Yaledancers troupe. After the release, she signed a contract with the Israeli national ballet. "I tell her that she is the most educated dancer in the world. Well, if you like, let him dance, "Friedman comments. Katya also graduated from Yale, practiced at Credit Suisse. Son Alexander studies in England at Sevenox School and is engaged in business as co-founder of the event agency "Artist Bank" - together with Andrey Shirman (DJASHASH) he organizes various events, including corporate parties and weddings with the invitation of artists. A year ago, along with his father began to lose weight and dropped 37 kg. In April 2017 Sasha weighed 110 kg, now - 73 kg. The father's results are more modest - minus 12 kg. The youngest daughter Nika still lives with her mother in Moscow.

Ekaterina and Anna Rybolovlevy

The share of each heir is 3.4 billion dollars

The eldest daughter of the ex-owner of "Uralkali" Ekaterina is engaged in riding. Due to this, I got acquainted with the granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis Athena and agreed with her about the purchase of the Greek island of Scorpios. Now he belongs to the family trust, Catherine is the beneficiary. The island was played by her wedding with the Uruguayan financier Juan Sartori, in 2016 they had a son. Anna lives in Switzerland with her ex-wife Rybolovleva Elena, who after the divorce received $ 600 million and entered the Forbes list.

Cyril, Nikita, Daniil, Maria and Anastasia Mordashov, as well as Ilya Mityukov

The share of each heir is $ 3.1 billion

With the first wife of Elena Mityukova, Mordashov divorced in 1996, when the son of Ilya was ten years old. From the second wife, also Helen, he has two sons - Cyril and Nikita. With his third wife, Marina has three children. The eldest, Masha, is studying at the Wunderpark school in New Riga, which her mother opened. Younger children - Nastya and Daniil - are engaged in the same school Wunderpark in the pre-school program.

Anastasia, Vasily, Ivan and Varvara Potanin, as well as the son of Vladimir Potanin (born in 2014)

The share of each heir is $ 3.1 billion

In 2010, the owner of Interros said that he would give the bulk of the state to charity. In 2013, he was the first in Russia to join the campaign "The Oath of Donation". His eldest daughter Anastasia supported this decision. From the first marriage at Potanin two more sons, Ivan and Vasily. The senior works in the financial company LR Global, where he is responsible for the Eastern European markets. Junior graduated from Friends Academy in New York. In the second marriage, the billionaire has a daughter Varya and her son.

Denis Gapontsev

3 billion dollars

The son of the founder of IPG Photonics graduated from MIPT, the Imperial College of London and in 1999 went to America to help his father build the bines. He was the vice-president of IPGP for 8 years, then the views of his father and son on the development of the company dispersed, Denis returned to Russia and started real estate. "There is no one to whom I could transfer the case," said Valentin Gapontsev Forbes in 2011. Whether the father is ready to give his son his share in the company is unclear. Denis indirectly owns about 2% of IPGP shares worth $ 240 million.

Denis and Daria Aven

The share of each heir is $ 2.4 billion

The children of LetterOne shareholder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banking Group Alfa-Bank in 2016 graduated from Yale University and stayed to work in New York. Denis studied economics and mathematics and worked as an analyst in the international investment company Lazard, specializing in financial consultations and asset management. Daria until recently was the product development coordinator in the New York company MAC Cosmetics, and in January 2018 she moved to Tom Ford.

Alexander Frolov

$ 2.3 billion

The son of co-owner Evraz began his career in the company of his father. After spending a year, he moved to the Troika Dialog MC as an analyst for telecoms and the IT sector. Heir of the billionaire tried himself and the civil service in Rosatom, but was disappointed and went to London to receive an MBA. In the same place, the future businessman got a job in the venture fund DFJ Esprit, and later, together with a friend with whom he studied at the Higher School of Economics, created his own fund. Now, under the management of Target Global is more than $ 500 million.

Eva (van der Zwan), Eleonora Khan and two sons of Herman Khan (born in 2005 and 2012)

The share of each heir is $ 2.3 billion

The elder daughter of co-owner LetterOne Eve lives in London and is expecting a child. This became known during the trial of her husband, the London lawyer of the firm Skadden, Alex van der Zwan. In April 2018, he was sentenced to 30 days in prison for giving false testimony to the FBI about his connections with Rick Gates, a partner of Paul Manafort, former head of the election campaign of Donald Trump. Her younger sister Elia is studying at Wellington College in the British county of Berkshire.