The European Union will refuse Russian LNG


Europe plans to ban LNG imports from Russia as early as 2024.

Leonid Mikhelson and Gennady Timchenko choked on gas


Novatek has sharply reduced gas production at the Arctic LNG 2 project due to the lack of gas carriers.

European companies bypassed sanctions against Russia


In 2022-2023, German, Italian, and French companies supplied equipment worth 580 million euros for the Arctic LNG-2 project.

Ukraine destroys Russian oil refineries


In 2024, 7 Russian oil refineries, providing up to a third of the country’s petroleum product production, were attacked by Ukrainian drones.

Leonid Mikhelson and Gennady Timchenko emitted liquefied gas


The projects of their company Novatek, including the newest Arctic LNG-2, were left without gas carriers for years to come due to the war against Ukraine and US sanctions.

Russian oligarchs Mikhelson, Gutseriev, Timchenko and Deripaska finance the war against Ukraine


Oleg Deripaska, Leonid Mikhelson, Sergei Gordeev, Mikhail Gutseriev and other businessmen hire volunteers who go to war against Ukraine. At the same time, their companies, through which all this is done - Rusal, Novatek, PIK, Mospromstroy - happily avoid Western sanctions.

Andrey Patrushev brought Aurora to NOVATEK


A businessman structure buys a large contractor of a gas company.

Leonid Mikhelson will not receive state money


In 2020, NOVATEK will not receive a single ruble from the federal budget for its projects. Leonid Mikhelson threatened to disrupt the Arctic LNG-2 project.

Sanctions hit NOVATEK from the back


By threat - most of the fleet ordered by the company under Yamal LNG.

Billionaire Timchenko took second place in the list of richest Russians


The businessman and friend of Vladimir Putin, Gennady Timchenko, with $ 22.1 billion among the richest Russians, is second only to his Novatek and Sibur partner Leonid Mikhelson.

Ice Battle in the Arctic - Igor Sechin vs. Leonid Michelson


The invisible battle between the Rosneft and Novatek companies for a place under the Arctic "sun" continues.

The wealthiest: Leonid Mikhelson, Vagit Alekperov, Gennady Timchenko


Oil industry workers, gas producers and metallurgists are the most successful businessmen in the Forbes list of the richest people. But there are exceptions.

Michelson crushed Norway "Yamal LNG"


However, there is no real pressure from outside on the project, according to experts polled by Forbes.

Novatek has found a gas field for its plant


The company announced the discovery of an offshore field in the Arctic with reserves of at least 320 billion cubic meters.

Partnership with God: why Mikhelson and Timchenko get richer


Mega projects of Novatek, which would not have been possible without the partnership of Leonid Mikhelson and Gennady Timchenko, can make them the richest people in Russia - with a big gap from competitors in the Forbes rating.

Mikhelson and sanctions: how "Novatek" irritates the US


A good and very clear example of how Russian companies adjust to the sanctions is the gas giant Novatek. For Leonid Mikhelson's entry into the sanctions list there are more economic reasons than political ones, but this did not prevent Novatek from launching its main project, Yamal LNG.

Leonid Mikhelson and Gennady Timchenko suddenly became richer


Both oligarchs increased their fortunes by 1.4 billion dollars due to the growth of Novatek shares.

Novatek wants to build a LNG terminal near Murmansk


Its capacity is 20 million tons of LNG.

Yamal LNG may reach full capacity in 2018


The joint project of Novatek and Chinese and French investors in the Russian Arctic can reach the planned capacity of gas production already in 2018.

Novatek for the first time delivered LNG on the Northern Sea Route through the Far East


Two gas carriers of the company arrived in China, the third one will come to the end of July.

Timchenko transferred 19% of NOVATEK to a new company


Out of 23.49% of the shares of the gas company owned by him, he transferred 19.16% to the dummy company "Ena Invest". Perhaps for the purpose of further sale or collateral. Now such a package is estimated at 500 billion rubles.

Yamal businessman and former state Duma Deputy want to take away the castle


German authorities accuse the co-owner of the company Novatek and the former State Duma deputy in the illegal acquisition of the ancient castle of Reinhardsbrunn and intend to take away the property.

Korean concern KOGAS became interested in the project "Arctic LNG"


Novatek plans to reduce its stake in the project to 60%. At the same time, without the financial and tax support of the state, this project is not consistent.

Russian officials and companies are arguing about the access of ships to the Northern Sea Route


The Ministry of Industry and Trade introduced a draft law to the government on restricting admission to the Northern Sea Route of gas-carriers of foreign construction. Will suffer from this "Novatek" Leonid Mikhelson. Attack on it is supported by Rosneft Igor Sechin.

Billionaires Vladimir Lisin and Leonid Mikhelson became angry at FAS


Regulation of tariffs both the monopolist and consumers are dissatisfied. According to the owner of NLMK Vladimir Lisin, it is not the case of the antimonopoly authority to regulate prices "at the corners", without taking into account other factors. But the government will make the final decision.

NOVATEK does not have enough tankers to transport gas from Yamal LNG


Leonid Mikhelson's company does not have enough tankers for exporting gas from the Yamal LNG project.

Atomflot and NOVATEK intend to build LNG icebreakers


Both companies intend to build LNG icebreakers.

The Ministry of Economics proposes to hide data on major transactions of Russian corporations


FAS will not be able to publish information on the upcoming transactions of large companies, and they will, by the decision of the government, have the right not to disclose some of their data. The corresponding draft was prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development.