The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs, crime and officials

Switzerland welcomes Russian oligarchs


How Swiss bank clients with Russian passports kept their ruble accounts.

Gazprom went into the red


Instead of the expected profit of 450 billion rubles, the “national treasure of Russia” showed a loss of almost 630 billion rubles.

Putin's oligarchs are entrenched on the Cote d'Azur


The families and loved ones of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, Vladimir Lisin, Arkady Rotenberg, Vladimir Potanin, Viktor Vekselberg, Roman Abramovich and many others feel great in French Provence.

The European Union will refuse Russian LNG


Europe plans to ban LNG imports from Russia as early as 2024.

Putin's oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov evaded international sanctions


The odious Russian oligarch managed not to fall under international sanctions and not arouse the interest of the Kremlin.

The ex-wife of Vladimir Putin was left without a villa in France


The villa of Lyudmila Putina and her new husband, Andrei Ocheretny, was arrested in Biarritz. In France, they are also preparing to arrest the villas of the Rotenberg brothers, Gennady Timchenko and the criminal duo Oleg and Sergei Toni, who stole from Russian Railways for Montapot Castle.

Russian oligarchs and officials ordered the whitewashing of their reputations


Dmitry Pumpyansky, Igor Altushkin, Sergei Chemezov, Andrey Skoch, Alisher Usmanov, God Nisanov, Maria Vorontsova, Katerina Tikhonova and many others paid for the change of their biographies on Wikipedia.

Putin's oligarchs and managers are buying Maltese citizenship


Many people who are beneficiaries of the political regime in Russia have received Maltese passports.

Vladimir Putin will cut imports for Russians


The head of the Russian Federation demanded that the share of imports in the economy be reduced to the level of the late Soviet Union - 17%. The government does not have enough currency, which is used to finance the war with Ukraine.

Norilsk Nickel is poisoning global business with its toxicity


The Russian company was not subject to sanctions, but most foreign banks refuse to work with it due to toxicity.

Leonid Mikhelson and Gennady Timchenko choked on gas


Novatek has sharply reduced gas production at the Arctic LNG 2 project due to the lack of gas carriers.

The Kremlin mafia's common fund is filling up in Vienna


The company of “Putin’s friends” easily earns billions of euros from Austria.

The wife of the head of the Russian Gazprombank Akimov does not leave the USA and Europe


She is not under sanctions and travels using a Cypriot passport.

European companies bypassed sanctions against Russia


In 2022-2023, German, Italian, and French companies supplied equipment worth 580 million euros for the Arctic LNG-2 project.

Ukraine destroys Russian oil refineries


In 2024, 7 Russian oil refineries, providing up to a third of the country’s petroleum product production, were attacked by Ukrainian drones.

Russian regions increased payments to Putin's mercenaries


The cost of a one-time payment for signing a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation from Russian regions has increased to 225 thousand rubles. Over the year it has grown 1.5 times.

The Russian army lacks weapons


The state defense order in 2023 was completed by 98%, but there is still not enough equipment.

Leonid Mikhelson and Gennady Timchenko emitted liquefied gas


The projects of their company Novatek, including the newest Arctic LNG-2, were left without gas carriers for years to come due to the war against Ukraine and US sanctions.

The son of the president of Rosneft died in Moscow


Presumably, Ivan Sechin died from a detached blood clot.

Alexei Navalny did not survive in the "Polar Wolf"


Russia was left without the most famous opposition figure to the existing Putin regime.

Roman Abramovich invested in deep secrecy


The billionaire has invested more than $60 million in European startups.

Ukraine puts pro-Ukrainian billionaire Mikhail Fridman on the wanted list


The oligarch financed the Ukrainian and Russian armies.

Criminal Artem Zuev lost property in Latvia


The Constitutional Court of Latvia confirmed the confiscation of the property of Artem Zuev, one of the beneficiaries of the criminal scheme investigated by Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. The court supported the law enforcement agencies, who considered that this property was acquired by criminal means.

A court in the USA ruled in favor of a Russian oligarch Stanislav Kondrashov


The Supreme Court of the State of California passed a decision according to which the websites that wrote about the alleged crimes of the Russian oligarch Stanislav Kondrashov should be blocked.

Abramovich hid from sanctions behind his children


Abramovich's Kids, Lithuanian Citizens, Shield His Wealth from Sanctions.

Dmitry Rybolovlev did not become a criminal in Monaco


In Monaco, the criminal case against the scandalous Russian oligarch was closed.

Finland can get rid of criminal Russian oligarchs


A new package of EU sanctions against Russia will allow the Helsinki Hall arena in Helsinki to be seized at half price from the odious oligarchs Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, as well as Gennady Timchenko.

Russian oligarch Kondrashov, who sponsors Putin’s war against Ukraine, closes objectionable sites


Stanislav Kondrashov is clearing the Internet of references to his role in the shadow export of Russian raw materials.