Sergei Shoigu


The Russian army lacks weapons


The state defense order in 2023 was completed by 98%, but there is still not enough equipment.

Ksenia Shoigu wasted money “Islands of forts” for misleading purposes


The expenses of the Island of Fortes fund, whose work is supervised by the daughter of the Minister of Defense Ksenia Shoigu, amounted to 113.6 million rubles in 2019.

The temple of the Ministry of Defense breaks records for high cost


The amount of public procurement for the construction of the main temple of the Armed Forces in the Patriot Park is 6 billion rubles.

Sergey Shoigu builds the most useless airfield in the country on Franz Josef Land


Airfields in the Arctic cost billions of rubles.

Defense Ministry official Georgy Vasilyev denominated currencies for half a billion


Rosfinmonitoring investigation about the head of the economic special forces Sergei Shoigu.

Who saws the "military trillion"


Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov choose a candidate for the head of the VSK, which received contracts for special construction in Russia.

At the deepwater station could close the shield


The first version of the fire at AC-31 has appeared.

Sergei Shoigu played enough in the "Patriot"


How the budget money is being sawn at Patriot Park, and what’s the reason for Putin’s cook, Shoigu’s daughter and Rotenberg’s son.

Sergei Shoigu will have a personal mobile operator


Voentelecom will build it for the Ministry of Defense on the basis of the Tele2 network.

Sergei Shoigu announced All-Army Cathedral


The military was ordered to collect money for an army church.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation launched a tale about the Samarkand complexes


Russia has placed the latest classified electronic warfare systems (EW) "Samarkand" in a number of areas, including in the Kaliningrad region and in Belarus. They are called the most modern and perfect, unparalleled in the world.

The Kremlin is cloning weapons programs


Russia will take another 10-year program of armaments in 2023, despite the fact that last year a similar program was adopted until 2027.

The Israelis and the Syrians fought on the plane of the Russian Defense Ministry


Moscow habitually declared provocations, but no serious measures against Israel will be taken. Officially the aircraft of radar reconnaissance Il-20 was shot down by Syrian "allies".

The Russian Wunderwaffe flew to the bottom of the Barents Sea


The Russian missile with a nuclear engine fell into the Barents Sea as a result of unsuccessful tests. It has not yet been raised, although the search operation is being prepared, CNBC claims.

Sergei Chemezov will sell the Defense Ministry laptops for 500 thousand rubles


The corporation "Rosteh" will overwhelm the military with laptops at a fabulous price.

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation took money from "Kurganstalmost"


Debts on state contracts were associated with embezzlement at the Vostochny cosmodrome. The company can not get money for metal structures for the airfield in Transbaikalia.

Russia can not rearm its fleet


In Sochi, a large-scale meeting of Vladimir Putin with military and production workers took place.

Vladimir Putin promised a constant watch of the battle ships in the Mediterranean Sea


This was explained by the need to combat terrorism in Syria and "the expanded geography of the presence of the Russian fleet." Will there be enough of the last trivial motor resource for such trips - time will tell.

Sergei Shoigu sent money for the military technopolis in Anapa in the right hands


Military technopolis "Era" in Anapa will be built by the largest contractor of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and the Ministry of Defense - the company "Bamstroiput". She won a contract for the construction of first-stage facilities worth about 3 billion rubles.

Victory Day in Moscow will cost 10 million dollars


The expenses for the celebration of the Victory Day in Moscow will amount to more than 600 million rubles. Traditionally, the most - about 150 million - will be spent on transportation of servicemen.

On the production of weapons, the Russian Federation will spend in 2018 more than 1 trillion rubles


This is almost as much as the country spends on education and medicine. In addition, 500 billion rubles will be spent on the development of new types of weapons, and even more than a trillion rubles - on payments of pensions and allowances to the military.

Russia will build a new base in the Caspian Sea


The Russian Ministry of Defense is transferring the Caspian flotilla from Astrakhan to Kaspiisk (Dagestan). So it will be more convenient to demonstrate to neighbors a military fist on the Caspian Sea.

Who got in the "Kremlin report" of the US Treasury


In the "Kremlin report" of the US Treasury, there are more than 200 people: officials, heads of state companies and billionaires.

Generous Shoigu: the costs of army hockey clubs amounted to 4.8 billion rubles


SKA and CSKA spend most of all on the salaries of hockey players in the KHL.

At the airbase "Khmeimim" in Syria, allegedly destroyed seven Russian aircraft


Radical Islamists fired mortar shells at a Russian airbase in Syria.

Vladimir Putin asked to prepare the economy for war


With whom and when was going to fight the RF its president to clarify forgot.

Helicopter failure almost resulted in tragedy


The circumstances of the incident at the Luzhsky training ground have been revealed. 

What losses PMC Wagner suffered in Syria


During two military campaigns in 2015-2017, the PMC group lost in Syria up to hundreds of dead and more than three hundred wounded soldiers.