The Russian army lacks weapons

The state defense order in 2023 was completed by 98%, but there is still not enough equipment.
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The supply of military equipment to the army must be moved from the second half of 2024 to the first, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting in the Tula region, where he inspected the implementation of state defense orders at enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

“The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation demanded to adjust the schedule of deliveries to the troops for the entire range of produced weapons, to shift the timing of the transfer of equipment to the 2nd-3rd quarters, and also to maintain a uniform supply of weapons throughout the year,” the Ministry of Defense said in a message on its telegram channel.

During Shoigu’s visit to NPO Strela, he was informed that the purchase of new equipment and the transition to a 12-hour work shift made it possible to double the number of complexes produced this year, and in 2025 a fourfold increase in volumes is possible.

At the enterprise “Research and Production Association “SPLAV” named after. A.N. Ganichev" the minister was told that the commissioning of new production shops last year made it possible to increase the production volume of shells fourfold, and for some items sevenfold.

At the beginning of June last year, President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian troops do not have enough modern weapons, but the military-industrial complex (DIC) is developing quickly and all the tasks assigned to it will be completed. At the expanded board of the Ministry of Defense at the end of 2023, he called one of the main tasks the timely supply of troops in the zone of a special military operation with everything necessary.

According to the president, defense enterprises have made a “labor breakthrough”, some are working in three shifts, and the supply of the army is improving. Putin said that in 2023, supplies of armored vehicles increased threefold, and automobile supplies by four and a half. In general, the number of purchased basic types of military equipment increased by 2.7 times, and especially in demand - by seven times. In general, the implementation of the state defense order by the end of 2023 was expected to be 98%.