Lyudmila Putina


The ex-wife of Vladimir Putin was left without a villa in France


The villa of Lyudmila Putina and her new husband, Andrei Ocheretny, was arrested in Biarritz. In France, they are also preparing to arrest the villas of the Rotenberg brothers, Gennady Timchenko and the criminal duo Oleg and Sergei Toni, who stole from Russian Railways for Montapot Castle.

Lyudmila Putina's villa in Biarritz fell into disrepair


Ex-wife of Vladimir Putin and Artur Ocheretnoy failed to reconstruct the mansion. 

Time said about the visits of Kirill Shamalov and Lyudmila Putina to Biarritz


The deputy mayor assured the magazine that the property bought by the president's relatives was purchased exclusively for honestly earned money.

The villa of Lyudmila Putina's alleged new husband was found in France


Arthur Ocheretny, whom the media previously called the potential new husband of Lyudmila Putina, is the owner of a villa in France worth €6-7 million, OCCPR found out.

Katerina Tikhonova: the new "Putin's daughter"


Moscow intelligentsia was easily agitated by a conversation of one of the functionaries of Intefax news agency Yuri Pogorely and chief editor of RBC Yelizaveta Osetinskaya on Facebook

Non-existing daughters of Vladimir Putin


Russia is hit by another wave of discussion of the so-called "Putin's daughters".