Boris Rotenberg

Boris Romanovich Rotenberg (born in Leningrad on 3 January 1957) is a Russian business man and oligarch. He is co-owner (with his brother Arkady Rotenberg) of the SGM (Storygazmantazh) group, the largest construction company for gas pipelines and electrical power supply lines in Russia. He was listed by Forbes as Russia's 69th wealthiest person in 2016 with a net worth of $1.07 billion. He is considered a close confidant of president Vladimir Putin.

Based on his friendship with Vladimir Putin, his company became closely aligned with Gazprom. Mr. Rotenberg is a member of the St. Petersburg Connection, a powerful energy lobby under the leadership of Mr. Putin.

He was involved in 20 construction projects for the Sochi Winter Olympics worth 5 billion Euro. The largest site was the coastal highway to Adler, where the Olympic Park was constructed for the numerous sport arenas.

Rotenberg was named in the Panama Papers. 

The ex-wife of Vladimir Putin was left without a villa in France


The villa of Lyudmila Putina and her new husband, Andrei Ocheretny, was arrested in Biarritz. In France, they are also preparing to arrest the villas of the Rotenberg brothers, Gennady Timchenko and the criminal duo Oleg and Sergei Toni, who stole from Russian Railways for Montapot Castle.

Finland can get rid of criminal Russian oligarchs


A new package of EU sanctions against Russia will allow the Helsinki Hall arena in Helsinki to be seized at half price from the odious oligarchs Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, as well as Gennady Timchenko.

Roman Rotenberg helps his father circumvent sanctions


Finnish police blocked the funds that Roman Rotenberg, the son of EU-sanctioned Boris Rotenberg, paid as hotel tax. It belongs to a company whose assets are also frozen.

London scolded Putin's oligarchs


The United Kingdom was the first to impose sanctions against the Russian Federation. Five Russian banks, businessmens Igor and Boris Rotenberg, as well as Gennady Timchenko, were subject to restrictions.

The Rotenbergs bypassed the sanctions


According to the conclusions of the members of the Senate, the companies associated with the Rotenberg, after the imposition of sanctions against businessmen, continued to make deals in the art market.

Who is smaller: Andrei Guryev donated 2.2 million rubles to fight against coronavirus, Dmitry Mazepin - already 228 thousand


Four Russian oligarchs help the regions where their companies are present, three pay for express tests of a company associated with the Rotenberg family, two more decided to help foreign doctors.

Boris Rotenberg nightmares the Scandinavian banks


On January 13, a court in Helsinki will rule on lawsuits by businessman Boris Rotenberg against four Scandinavian banks that refuse to service his accounts due to US sanctions.

Rotenberg business empire temporarily cringed


How the business of the family of a friend of the president, billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, is changing.

Status Russians do not pay their fines


A list of VIP debtors who are being sought by bailiffs has been published.

Boris Rotenberg vs Finnish bankers


Boris Rotenberg is trying on the strength of the Finnish judicial system, demanding to strike a balance between so respected human rights in Europe and the fear of banks to violate the US sanctions regime. What could be the result of a lawsuit?

UK closes from Usmanov, Sechin, Deripaska and Rothenberg


Roman Abramovich, Igor Sechin, Alisher Usmanov, Oleg Deripaska, Arkady and Boris Rotenberg were blacklisted by Russian oligarchs in the UK.

Boris Rotenberg remembered his Finnish citizenship


The Helsinki court found itself in a delicate situation: the Russian billionaire has a passport of Finland, and the execution of US sanctions against him may have unpleasant consequences for other EU citizens.

The Manager of Rotenberg received a share in two large fields of «Gazprom»


The government allowed the transfer of rights to develop two deposits in Yamal, the company "RusGazAlliance."

GVSU "Center" received the site of the owner of the grain company "Nastyusha"


Bakery Igor Pyinkevich got into the hands of the GVSU "Center".

Banker Andrzej Malchevsky died in prison


The founder and former owner of Mosoblbank, transferred to the structures of the Rothenberg brothers, died in a colony where he served time for the theft of 68 billion rubles.

Boris Rotenberg firmly established himself on the Cote d'Azur of France


The Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime (OCCRP) learned how deeply rooted in the French Riviera one of the most infamous Russian oligarchs, Vladimir Putin's childhood friend Boris Rotenberg.

"Gazprom" fed the SMP Bank of the Rothenberg brothers


Toxic Putin's oligarchs will be able to improve financial health at the expense of the gas corporation.

Gazprom Drilling Company named its owners


The main drilling contractor of Gazprom left offshore. Since December 29, the company is directly owned by three individuals: Igor Rothenberg, Boris Rotenberg and Alexander Zamyatin.

The Rothenberg family received in 2017 state orders for 600 billion rubles


The companies owned by Arkady, Boris and Igor Rothenberg, in 2016, received the masters almost 600 billion rubles.

Kovalchuk and the Rotenbergs are admitted into the state budget


SMP Bank and Rossiya Bank, which are under sanctions, will be able to work with state-owned companies and the budget.

The richest family clans in Russia


Forbes has been ranking the most successful entrepreneurial dynasties for four years consequently. The cumulative wealth of the ten richest families of Russia over the past year has increased by $2 billion, up to $27 billion. In three of them, newcomers appeared who received shares in business.

Alexey Navalny found the Rotenbergs' real estate in Russia and Italy


The Anti-Corruption Foundation of Alexey Navalny has published an investigation into the "business" activities of the brothers Boris and Arkady Rotenberg, as well as other members of this family.

Whose protection are Rotenberg and Kovalchuk looking for?


A distant relative of the president together with the contractor of Russian Railways and the shareholder of the Bank of Russia want to build a racing track near St. Petersburg worth 11 billion rubles.

Secret booking of Ilya Kligman


Where did the banker Ilya Kligman hide 35 billion rubles from the double-entry bookkeeping in Arksbanka?

Why FC Dynamo lost property and investors


After 12 years, FC Dynamo returns from VTB to the Dynamo society.

The Rotenberg brothers' bank places "eternal" bonds


Why the bank would need such papers and who could buy them is not clear. Previously, such papers were placed only by VTB, Gazprombank and Alfa-Bank.

How Vladimir Yakunin's resignation influenced the change of contractors of Russian Railways


The entities of Arkady Rotenberg's son Igor and friends of top-managers of Russian Railways now work for the state monopoly. 

Rotenberg's competitor: new projects and new conflicts of Marina Sechina


Marina Sechina, former wife of the CEO of Rosneft Igor Sechin, continues to collect assets.