Friedman Mikhail


Ukraine puts pro-Ukrainian billionaire Mikhail Fridman on the wanted list


The oligarch financed the Ukrainian and Russian armies.

Aven and Friedman ran to the European Court


Миллиардеры Петр Авен и Михаил Фридман, в отношении которых Брюссель ввел персональные санкции, подали иски в Европейский суд общей юрисдикции. 

Friedman lives in London as a prisoner


Billionaire Fridman, in his first interview after the start of the Russian “special operation” and falling under sanctions, spoke about the difficulties he had to face.

From antiques to seven-bankers: what Friedman’s self-sufficiency is based on


From what “bedside table” did the owner of Alfa Group Mikhail Fridman get his capital.

Who is smaller: Andrei Guryev donated 2.2 million rubles to fight against coronavirus, Dmitry Mazepin - already 228 thousand


Four Russian oligarchs help the regions where their companies are present, three pay for express tests of a company associated with the Rotenberg family, two more decided to help foreign doctors.

Alexander Fridman does not expect money from father


“I eat, live, sleep and dress for what I earned myself,” says Alexander 19-year-old son of billionaire Mikhail Fridman.

The widow of Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina, accused Mikhail Fridman of raiding


The raid of Mikhail Fridman against Elena Baturina - back in the 1990s?

How Mikhail Fridman will demand 3 billion rubles from Elena Baturina


Alfa Group, an investment company A1, acquired the rights to claim debt from the wealthiest Russian woman Elena Baturina to her brother Victor.

Mikhail Fridman ordered Baturin wanted


The representative of Elena Baturina called her wanted list a “raider attack” by A1 structures of Mikhail Fridman, the richest woman in Russia became a defendant in the criminal libel case.

The assets of a runaway banker George Bedzhamov will seek all of London


Investment company A1 offered London residents a reward for information on the assets of ex-banker George Bejamov.

Alexander Fridman welded up on hungry students


The only son of billionaire Mikhail Fridman talked about how he earned his first money, first he sold his own paintings, and then - food to high school students.

Mikhail Fridman reaches out to Abyzov's Singaporean assets


Alfa-Bank, famous for its reputation as a ruthless lender, is pursuing former Minister Mikhail Abyzov not only in Russia but also abroad.

Mikhail Fridman sprinkles ash on his head


According to him, the Russian shareholders of the chain of stores made mistakes in preparing for the transaction and now pay a lot of money for them.

Mamma Dia: spokesman for Mikhail Fridman speaks in court


A Spanish court has begun consideration of a complaint against Russian billionaire Mikhail Friedman and LetterOne in connection with the purchase of the Dia retailer.

Mikhail Fridman unsuccessfully stocked up in a supermarket


The National Judicial Board of Spain will consider an anonymous complaint about the actions of the investment company Mikhail Fridman when purchasing the Spanish supermarket chain Dia.

Mikhail Fridman took up the old


Spanish prosecutors accuse the owner of Alfa Bank of "raider seizure."