Vladimir Lisin refused to share with the state

Chairman of the Board of Directors of NLMK criticized the idea of ​​an adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov "withdraw" from metallurgists and chemical companies 537 billion rubles.
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Proposal of presidential aide Andrei Belousov to withdraw super-profits from metallurgists, fertilizer producers and Sibur for budgetary needs "raises many questions". So the initiative was commented on by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NLMK Group and its main owner, President of the Russian Steel Association, which unites the largest producers of metallurgical products in Russia, Vladimir Lisin. His words are quoted in a statement of "Russian Steel", received by RBC.

"For a fair calculation, it is necessary to calculate the tax burden differently," Lisin said, explaining that, in particular, the revenue of companies that belong to foreign jurisdictions can not be put into the calculation base. Also, in his opinion, the tax burden should be calculated from the company's profit, and not from revenue, and when calculating it is necessary to take into account personal income tax, insurance premiums and non-tax payments.

"The calculation should be substantially finalized to become the basis for decision-making," the head of NLMK emphasized.

Lisin expressed the opinion that Belousov's proposal "looks like an encouragement of inefficiency: the lower the profitability, the less taxes will have to be paid", noting also that the initiative does not take into account, for example, past and future investments of the company. This leads to a risk of lower investment and competitiveness, the businessman said. He also noted that the proposal to withdraw from the steel companies about 250 billion rubles. per year exceeds the total investments of this sector over the past year, amounting to 170 billion rubles.

Lisin believes that the initiative does not take into account the debt burden, the financial condition of companies and industry factors, among the latter, he cited as examples several dozen duties and restrictions on the production of ferrous metals, the elimination of which could lead to increased incomes, and, consequently, companies.

In his letter to Vladimir Putin, his assistant explains the proposal to withdraw the overdrafts from companies by the need to find financial sources for fulfilling the strategic goals indicated in the May decrees of the head of state. "It turns out that industrial companies are invited to invest simultaneously in the solution of their tasks and tasks of the entire economy," Vladimir Lisin summed up in his statement.

The May presidential decrees have identified 12 priority projects, among them, in particular, tasks in the areas of demography, health, education and the digital economy. To perform these tasks, an additional 8 trillion rubles is required. for six years, this assessment was previously given by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Andrei Belousov in his letter reminds that in 2016 the government took measures to seize about 600 billion rubles. additional revenues from oil and gas companies, and suggests the same approach is used in other resource industries. He also points out 14 companies that may be affected, among them NLMK, Sibur and Alrosa.

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