Vekselberg Victor


Putin's oligarchs are entrenched on the Cote d'Azur


The families and loved ones of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, Vladimir Lisin, Arkady Rotenberg, Vladimir Potanin, Viktor Vekselberg, Roman Abramovich and many others feel great in French Provence.

Viktor Vekselberg knocked on the egg


Is it possible that the scandal with the allegedly fake Faberge eggs in the Hermitage was organized by the oligarch Viktor Vekselberg to "strike" the Piotrovsky family?

EU and USA milk Vekselberg


How Russian oligarchs are dispossessed.

Vekselberg was unable to fill the panedmia with his Swiss money


Swiss banks did not allow Viktor Vekselberg to send part of the money frozen on his accounts to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The billionaire called this decision "barbarism."

Victor Vekselberg plant owes billions to banks and the Federal Tax Service


The Federal Tax Service announced a debt of half a billion rubles. Unicredit and Rosbank were asked to wait until 2023.

Victor Vekselberg launched a cucumber in the "Valley of Vegetables"


The Renova group of Viktor Vekselberg decided to leave the business of growing vegetables in greenhouses. The complexes, in the construction of which they promised to invest 25 billion rubles, will be sold to the profile player.

Victor Vekselberg hits air carriers with ruble


After the construction of Gagarin, airport charges in the Saratov region increased several times.

Victor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik won 2 billion dollars from the former senator


The New York court rejected the ex-Senator Leonid Lebedev’s lawsuit against billionaires Viktor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik.

Viktor Vekselberg flies from the old Rostov airport


“Airports of the Regions” propose to take the first step towards the liquidation of OJSC Rostov-on-Don Airport

Andrew Intrater came under sanctions because of his cousin Vekselberg


Victor Vekselberg’s cousin Andrew Intrater sued the US Treasury. Because of the sanctions against the billionaire relative, the authorities froze Intrater’s assets. He is confident that this violates the US Constitution.

Valerian Mazaraki is building a palace in Barvikha for 2.5 billion next to the generals of the FSB


What is owned by relatives of Valerian Mazaraki - the person involved in the investigations of journalist Ivan Golunov.

Viktor Vekselberg fell into total crisis


Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg gave the first big interview after falling under US sanctions. He told why it became for him a “total life crisis”, why he attended Trump's inauguration and why he could no longer be a “man of the world.”

Viktor Vekselberg cheated with "T plus"


Renova did not agree with the assessment of its energy company.

Why Leonard Blavatnik disowns from Russia, which made him a billionaire


As a partner, Vekselberg increased his fortune by half.

Viktor Vekselberg poured capital into Renova


The increase in charter capital by a million times may be due to relocation to the Russian jurisdiction or tax optimization, experts say.

Roman Trotsenko and Viktor Vekselberg will figure out for two in Omsk


Omsk Airport will be transferred outside the city, and the vacant 650 hectares of the territory will be built up with residential and commercial real estate.

Oleg Deripaska go fishing instead of Davos


The billionaire partner in UC Rusal Victor Vekselberg still intends to visit the forum.

Vekselberg is no longer waited at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


He was expelled from the MIT Board of Trustees. This happened shortly after the billionaire came under US sanctions.

Deripaska, Melnichenko, Vekselberg: the most impoverished Russian billionaires of the year


Sanctions and falling ruble are not the first year because of these factors the Russian Forbes list members are getting poorer.

Dmitry Medvedev promised to boycott the Davos forum


Officials and businessmen will ignore the forum if the organizers refuse to invite Deripaska, Vekselberg and Kostin.

Deripaska, Vekselberg and Kostin will not be able to participate in the Davos forum


According to FT, according to FT, they demand not to invite fallen under sanctions of the Russians.

Viktor Vekselberg's greed has brought the Kamchatka miners to a strike


Gold miners demanded that the oligarch return salaries of 3-4 thousand dollars that existed before the crisis.

Viktor Vekselberg will complain about the US


The Russian oligarch called the restrictions imposed by the US authorities "illegal and unfair."

Dudley's defense: why the head of BP stood up for Rosneft and Gazprom


The head of BP, Bob Dudley, said that restrictions on Rosneft (at BP 19.75%), Gazprom and LUKOIL, similar to sanctions against UC Rusal Oleg Deripaska, will not be imposed. Otherwise, the power system of Europe is waiting for the collapse, he warned.