Zyuzin Igor


Andrei Kostin sat on Mechel


VTB became the main creditor of Mechel - almost 50 billion rubles were transferred to it from Sberbank.

Ugor Zyuzin will throw the corner of Eduard Hudainatov


Creditor banks are looking for new owners for Elga deposit.

Igor Zyuzin wants to retire


Mechel is considering acquiring or creating APFs.

Mechel Group presented a plan for environmental auditing


PJSC Mechel plans to order an environmental audit of its enterprises from the Atmosphere Research Institute. No one doubts that Zyuzin's factories that are polluting the nature will be recognized as "environmentally safe".

Vladimir Lisin became the leading supplier of metal for football stadiums in Russia


Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine of Viktor Rashnikov outperformed the largest metallurgists. However, the purchase of metal for the construction of stadiums "weather" Russian manufacturers still did not do because of its modest volume - an average of about 100 thousand tons per year.

Why Varshavsky and Zyuzin are bombarding each other with billions of claims


"Mechel" wants to return the money spent on supporting the Warsaw plant, and he claims that Zyuzin deceived him, and he falls asleep with his lawsuits.

What will end the coal war of Andrei Melnichenko and Igor Zyuzin


As SUEK Andrei Melnichenko and Mechel Igor Zyuzin share the premium coal market in South-East Asia.