Zuev Artem

Zuev Artem Vyacheslavovich (born December 7, 1972, Moscow, RSFSR, USSR) is a scandalous Russian businessman, former co-owner of the European Bearing Corporation (EPC), the Universal Savings Bank (UBS), Benifit Bank, Rosinterbank and the investment company CP ASSETS MANAGEMENT. Person involved in a criminal case in Latvia on money laundering.

He appeared in the Russian business press as one of the participants in the transfer of large amounts of money from the Russian Federation to offshore companies, which became public knowledge thanks to the case of Sergei Magnitsky. Has a reputation as a "raider".

In 1994 he graduated from the Russian State Academy of Physical Culture. In 1997 he graduated from the All-Russian Correspondence Institute of Finance and Economics with a degree in Finance and Credit.

He built a further career thanks to his partner Oleg Savchenko and the connections of his mother, Valentina Grigorievna Zueva, who held high positions in the Main Directorate of the Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation in 1991-2003. Thanks to her, Artem Zuev worked at the Russian Credit Bank in 1994-1996, and in 1997-1999 he was the general director of Far Eastern Investment Company CJSC.

Since 1999, he unexpectedly became a shareholder of the European Bearing Corporation, then increasing his share in it to 40% (the rest belonged to his business partner Oleg Savchenko) and taking the post of its president.

In 2008, he left the shareholders of EPK when it was acquired by the structures of Roman Abramovich.

Judging by media reports, Savchenko took the initial capital for the creation of the EPK from the budget funds of the Chukotka Economic Fund, which he managed in the late 90s and early 2000s. As Latvian media write, budget money poured into this organization was transferred in the form of loans both to organizations controlled by Savchenko himself, and to those co-owned by a friend of his sporting youth, Artem Zuev (Typhoon-West and Skate Park).

The Accounts Chamber later found a shortage, but the new governor of Chukotka, Roman Abramovich, did not pursue the case.

In the Russian Federation, Artem Zuev also appeared in the scandal with the raider seizure of Pavlovskgranit, as well as in the purchase of land in Crimea in 2019. Then he acquired the rights to long-term lease of assets of the company Agrofirma Zolotaya Balka LLC with the sixth largest vineyard in Crimea. He then gave this asset to his wife Snezhana Georgieva, co-owner of the Moscow nightclubs Belka and Chateau de Fantomas.

From 2007 to 2009, Zuev served as deputy general director of Effective Energy LLC, which belonged to the odious Vasily Anisimov. The company developed mining operations in the Central Asian republics.

From 2009 to 2013, he was the General Director of KDM Group LLC (“Quorum”).

In 2010, Artem Zuev (together with Vasily Anisimov) became one of the beneficiaries of the Kazakh Stepnogorsk Mining and Chemical Combine LLP and Stepnogorsk Metallurgical Plant LLP, which carried out the mining and processing of uranium ores to produce natural uranium concentrate, as well as the mining and processing of copper - molybdenum ores.

Since 2012, he has been a shareholder of RegionDevelopment JSC, a development company implementing integrated residential development projects in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as the construction and management of commercial real estate.

In 2013, for the consolidated management of his own investment projects, Zuev created the holding company C.P. Asset Management. Stepnogorsk Metallurgical Plant LLP, Stepnogorsk Mining and Chemical Plant LLP, and RegionDevelopment JSC came under its management.

In the 2010s, Artem Zuev received a residence permit in Latvia and acquired a number of real estate properties in this country. He and the banks controlled by him, primarily UBS, appeared in the story of Sergei Magnitsky in transferring money from the Russian Federation to offshores. As Novaya Gazeta wrote, “Artem Zuev is not a random character in this story. He is a beneficial co-owner of not only the Universal Savings Bank, but also Benifit Bank, which was also mentioned in connection with the scandalous scheme for withdrawing money received by criminals as an alleged return overpaid taxes, even after Magnitsky's story became public and Magnitsky himself died in prison under suspicious circumstances."

According to the publication, Benifit Bank also figured in other similar scandals: for example, of the 11 billion rubles stolen through the same scheme as the one discovered by Magnitsky, 5.5 billion went through the bank.

The media also revealed a scheme for the purchase of real estate in Latvia by Artem Zuev’s structures. From the Cypriot company of another UBS owner, Dmitry Klyuev, “Zibar” the money was transferred to the account of the Cyprus “Carsonport Consultancy” in the Latvian bank ABLV, which was mentioned in laundering scandals. From there - to the accounts of the 100% owner of Carsonport - the Britannia Trade House company in the BVI jurisdiction (with an account in Latvia), then - to the personal account of Zuev (also in Latvia), from which the property was paid for.

In 2021, a criminal case was opened against Zuev in Latvia under Part 3 of Art. 195 of the Criminal Code of Latvia in connection with possible money laundering on a large scale. As part of this criminal case, real estate in Latvia belonging to Zuev was confiscated. In 2022-2023, Artem Zuev made unsuccessful attempts to challenge this decision of the Latvian courts, but the Constitutional Court of Latvia recognized this measure as legal.

Criminal Artem Zuev lost property in Latvia


The Constitutional Court of Latvia confirmed the confiscation of the property of Artem Zuev, one of the beneficiaries of the criminal scheme investigated by Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. The court supported the law enforcement agencies, who considered that this property was acquired by criminal means.