Kovalchuk Yuri


The Kremlin mafia's common fund is filling up in Vienna


The company of “Putin’s friends” easily earns billions of euros from Austria.

Kabaeva fattens in the "National Media Group"


The former athlete earns almost 1 million rubles a day in the holding of a friend of Putin.

Kovalchuk opened his mouth on Channel One


The President signed a decree allowing the government to reduce its stake in Channel One below 51%. Control can be obtained by private shareholders, the largest of which is Yuri Kovalchuk's National Media Group.

Rotenberg moored to the Crimean cottage Matvienko


In the luxurious residence on Cape Aya, which is associated with Yuri Kovalchuk and Valentina Matvienko, a berth for hundred-meter yachts appeared. And off the coast of Crimea for the first time was seen the yacht Rahil, attributed to Arkady Rotenberg.

Arkady Rotenberg, Yuri Kovalchuk and Nikolai Shamalov: Crimea is theirs


How Crimea became a profitable business for Putin’s friends.

Bank of Kovalchuk's and Timchenko's covet the Crimean "Inkerman"


"Daughter" of the bank "Russia" may become the new owner of the Crimean wine producer "Inkerman". The purchase may be the second transaction of the bank in the Crimean winemaking: last year he bought out “New World”.

Kurchatov Institute will build an industrial park for the Defense Ministry


For the institute this project can become the first in a series of contracts of public-private partnership.

Kovalchuk and the Rotenbergs are admitted into the state budget


SMP Bank and Rossiya Bank, which are under sanctions, will be able to work with state-owned companies and the budget.

Whose protection are Rotenberg and Kovalchuk looking for?


A distant relative of the president together with the contractor of Russian Railways and the shareholder of the Bank of Russia want to build a racing track near St. Petersburg worth 11 billion rubles.

Sanctions for President


President of the National Media Group, Kirill Kovalchuk, came under US sanctions. However, it shouldn't affect his partnership with the American holding Discovery and Turner.

Sealed book of Igor Sechin


The people and government of Russia cannot do anything with Rosneftegaz. 

Oligarch Yury Kovalchuk cohabited with his partner


The owner of Russia Bank, Yuri Kovalchuk, and asset manager of the bank Dmitry Mansurov "settled" in the same apartment.

Simferopol Airport came under the control of Kovalchuk and his partner


Crimean authorities handed over control of the airport of Simferopol to Russia Bank owned by Yuri Kovalchuk and his partner. Private investors will be able to qualify for airport revenues only when finish building a new terminal, a local official said.

RBC investigation: who settled near the presidential residence in Valdai


Many people from the Putin's antuourage have settled next to the state residence on Lake Valdai in recent years. RBC found out who owns the land in Valdai and who neighbours the President there.

Hothouse conditions of Yuri Kovalchuk: Russia Bank is attracted by agriculture


Co-owners of the Agro-Culture Group complex received loans.

Another millionaire friend of Vladimir Putin was found


Companies belonging to the godfather of the Russian president's daughter, Sergey Roldugin, owned a 20% stake in Celler Vi.

Hitting the inner circle: how Putin's friends suffered from sanctions


On March 20, 2014 the US government first imposed personal sanctions against Russian businessmen and top managers of state-owned companies from the Russian President Vladimir Putin's entourage.

Toll roads in Russia are the most expensive in Europe


The maximum rate in Russia is 25 rubles/km, while in Italy in comparable road sections it is twice lower.

Gymnastics of Channel One: sanctions intefered with the launch of a show with Alina Kabaeva


BBC Worldwide has refused to sell a license for Tumble show to the companies co-owned by Arkady Rotenberg and Yuri Kovalchuk.

Russia Bank and SMP Bank have $637 million blocked in the United States


Among the shareholders of these banks are the members of Putin's inner circle, reminds the WSJ.

The founder of STS is the main contender for the purchase of Vedomosti


Peter Hervey may soon acquire the assets of Sanoma Independent Media publishing house for resale to Gazprom-Media Holding or the National Media Group.

Alina Kabaeva high jumped


She will head the board of the National Media Group.