Altushkin Igor


Russian oligarchs and officials ordered the whitewashing of their reputations


Dmitry Pumpyansky, Igor Altushkin, Sergei Chemezov, Andrey Skoch, Alisher Usmanov, God Nisanov, Maria Vorontsova, Katerina Tikhonova and many others paid for the change of their biographies on Wikipedia.

Igor Altushkin and Andrei Kozitsyn laid out the road to the temple by protesters


Sponsors of the temple in Yekaterinburg, because of which there were massive clashes.

Victor Rashnikov voluntarily and compulsorily invested in high-speed projections


Following Andrei Komarov from ChTPZ Group and Igor Altushkin from the Russian Copper Company, it was the turn of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant to donate money to the charter capital of the Urals Highway Partnership. The project foresees the construction of a high-speed road Chelyabinsk-Yekaterinburg for 366 billion rubles by 2025.

Gazprombank will give money to Igor Altushkin for environmentally unsafe Tominsk GOK


The bank will open a credit line for 54 billion rubles for 12 years. The cost of the whole project is estimated at 77.8 billion rubles. Local residents can only vainly hope that the money will be stolen and the GOK will not be built.

Who got in the "Kremlin report" of the US Treasury


In the "Kremlin report" of the US Treasury, there are more than 200 people: officials, heads of state companies and billionaires.

Igor Altushkin was left without money for Tominsky GOK


After Vladimir Putin's statement, not a single bank will finance the scandalous project of the owner of the Russian Copper Company.

Igor Altushkin will flood Chelyabinsk with waste to get copper


Local residents are actively protesting, but they only hope that the plant project will turn out to be economically useless. This is the only thing that will help them not to live at the waste dump.

Igor Altushkin provokes conflict with citizens of Chelyabinsk region


The oligarch started the construction of the Tominsky mining and processing plant, prompting a civil protest in the region against a new environmentally unsafe enterprise.

Keys from Udokan


How's Navalny's movie "He's not Dimon" is associated with Iskander Makhmudov, and when Alisher Usmanov will finally give copper to the country. 

Russian Copper Company steps into a mine


It can buy 50% of the Chelyabinsk coal company.