Abramovich Roman

Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich (born 24 October 1966) is a Russian billionaire businessman, investor, and politician.

Abramovich is the primary owner of the private investment company Millhouse LLC, has stakes in steel giant Evraz and Norilsk Nickel. He is best known outside Russia as the owner of Chelsea Football Club, a Premier League football club.

According to Forbes 2016 billionaire list, Abramovich's net worth was $7.6 billion, making him the 13th-richest person in Russia, and the 151st-richest person in the world. The same year, The Sunday Times estimated his net worth at ₤6.40 billion.

The oligarch owns the world's second-largest yacht, 533-foot Eclipse, bought for nearly $400 million in 2010. After oil export deals in the 1990s, he took over oil firm Sibneft with the help of Boris Berezovsky. He sold a 73% stake in Sibneft to state-owned gas titan Gazprom for $13 billion in 2005.

Roman Abramovich invested in deep secrecy


The billionaire has invested more than $60 million in European startups.

Abramovich hid from sanctions behind his children


Abramovich's Kids, Lithuanian Citizens, Shield His Wealth from Sanctions.

Yevgeny Shvidler will remain under sanctions


On August 18, the High Court of London refused to exclude Yevgeny Shvidler, a citizen of Great Britain and the United States and the former head of the Sibneft company, from the British sanctions list.

Abramovich didn't get a penny from Chelsea


Roman Abramovich, after the sale of Chelsea, never received money for the club: they are managed by the British government, and the billionaire does not participate in their distribution, the businessman's press office said.

Abramovich has new yachts


Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich owns more yachts than previously reported.

Roman Abramovich left Tesla


Billionaire Roman Abramovich has ceased to be an investor in firms that supply Tesla electric cars in Russia.

Russian billionaires nest in Turkey


Turkey has become the most popular haven for the yachts of Russian oligarchs. Billionaires are actively investing in local resort real estate.

Roman Abramovich was evicted from the Cote d'Azur


The French authorities froze Roman Abramovich's villa on the Cote d'Azur and real estate on the Caribbean island of Saint Barth. Earlier, a Jersey court froze the billionaire's assets for $7 billion.

Abramovich settles down in Turkey


After the introduction of personal sanctions by the British authorities, billionaire Roman Abramovich was forced to look for a new location for life and business.

Abramovich's yachts lurk in Turkey


Abramovich sent two ships to Turkey, bypassing European Union waters to avoid their confiscation due to sanctions.

Chelsea will play for free


British sanctions hit the football club.

Great Britain will squeeze too much out of Abramovich


British authorities have expanded the sanctions list to include seven wealthy Russians linked, according to London, to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin.

19-year-old Ilya Abramovich may become the owner of Chelsea


The middle son of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has British citizenship. According to lawyers, a son is an adequate option to transfer this or that asset to him.

Abramovich calls in the Moskvoretskaya floodplain


Environmental activists have filed a lawsuit against Roman Abramovich's company for the construction of a parking lot on a site that used to be part of the Moskvoretsky park. They claim that the site was removed from the protected area illegally.

Sechin's yacht chose the Cote d'Azur, Abramovich - Croatia


This year the famous Monaco Yacht Show, which traditionally attracts the world's luxury yachts to the port of Hercule (Monte Carlo), will not take place. The anniversary show has been postponed due to the pandemic.

Roman Abramovich and the company sell Khabarovsk gold to a PIK native


The buyer is Vladislav Sviblova's Fortiana Holdings Limited.

Volozh divorces Gref


Yandex and Sberbank will complete the partnership in joint projects. The IT company will get Yandex.Market, the bank - Yandex.Money. The new shareholders of Yandex will be the structure of VTB and Roman Abramovich.

Roman Abramovich does not trifle


A businessman bought the most expensive villa in Israel. The deal in the amount of $ 65 million took place in January, according to the newspaper Globes.

Melnichenko helps Belgium, Abramovich helps Great Britain: Russian oligarchs selectively donate to fight COVID-19


Russian billionaires are in no hurry to follow the example of the Potanin Foundation and Alfa Group, which have posted large sums to fight the coronavirus. It seems that only Renova is parting with millions of dollars to save citizens.

Stepdaughter Chemezova passed Abramovich’s mansion for half a billion


The income of a relative of the head of Rostec can reach 24 million rubles a month.

How Russian millionaires lose money on private flights


Annually, at the brokers' margins, customers using charter business jets lose up to $ 1.2 billion.

Minority shareholders of "Raspadskaya" complained to the Central Bank


They accuse the company of working exclusively in the interests of the controlling shareholder, Evraz.

Lisin will argue with Abramovich for control of Transcontainer


The company of Vladimir Lisin filed a request for participation in the auction for the sale of a controlling stake in Transcontainer. At the end of August, the FAS allowed Roman Abramovich’s structure to participate with partners.

Kazakhstan evicts Roman Abramovich


It seems that the Kazakh authorities are putting sticks in the wheels of any Roman Abramovich projects with which he is trying to enter the country.

Sofya Abramovich will easily re-jump Karina Rotenberg


The daughters of Roman Abramovich, the wife of Boris Rotenberg, Elena Baturina, Oleg Deripaska and other participants in the Forbes rating and their loved ones, keen on equestrian sports and horse breeding.

Abramovich, Usmanov and Friedman are among the ten richest people in Britain


Their cumulative fortune The Sunday Times newspaper is estimated at 33.5 billion pounds.

Usmanov - in Sardinia, Vekselberg - in Oman


Where the Russian billionaires flew on the May holidays.

Marijuana helped Andrei Bloch return to the Forbes list


According to Forbes, there are some new faces in the new list of the richest Russians, and the most interesting story is that of the former top manager Roman Abramovich, head of Sibneft and co-owner of Unimilk, Andrey Bloch, who has returned to him.