A court in the USA ruled in favor of a Russian oligarch Stanislav Kondrashov

The Supreme Court of the State of California passed a decision according to which the websites that wrote about the alleged crimes of the Russian oligarch Stanislav Kondrashov should be blocked.
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This was reported by journalist Dmytro Voronkov in his blog on "Censor.net", writes UNIAN.

It is noted that the owner of the Swiss company Telf AG, the Russian oligarch Stanislav Kondrashov, has filed a lawsuit in a California court, in which he asks not only to remove information from websites that indicates his alleged crimes, but also wants to block all the media that once wrote about him.

According to the journalist, to implement his intention, Kondrashov hired one of the most influential lawyers in the United States - the company Lavely & Singer, which is known for representing the interests of a significant number of Hollywood stars.

Voronkov added that after the lawsuit was filed, Kondrashov's side filed a petition, according to which they asked the court to ban websites that had ever published anything about the Russian businessman. More than 30 Ukrainian online media were also subject to the temporary ban, which was adopted on November 6.

"With surprise, over the next week, Ukrainian online media owners watched how their websites were blocked. In particular, you can check for yourself whether the popular Ukrainian publication "Informator" (Informator.press) is currently working," the journalist suggested.

As he noted, the decision of the court in Los Angeles is unprecedented and very dangerous, because in the entire history of journalism online media have never been blocked due to articles about businessmen.

"Apparently, this is only the beginning of the war of the Russians against the Ukrainian media. The most important thing is what tools they use. We would never have thought that a Russian oligarch, during a full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine, would be able to go to the court of the state of our ally and destroy the media with impunity. Earlier it would have sounded like complete delusion, but now these are the realities we are observing," the blog author concluded.